VITEC- Wine Technology Park (Coordinator)

VITEC, - Wine Technology Centre-, performs applied research and technological services in relation to vineyards and wine. The research is organised around the fields of: viticulture, oenology, microbiology, oenological analysis and sensorial analysis.

VITEC started its activity in August 2009 as a non-profit entity, earmarking all of its revenue to improve its research activity and to promote wine innovation and offer the best results to wine companies.


DO Montsant - Montsant Denomination of Origin Regulatory Board

DO Montsant is a regulatory board that controls the origin, quality and market of wine produced in more than 50 wineries in the regions of Priorat and Ribera d'Ebre, which add up to a vineyard area of ​​1800 hectares.


DOQ Priorat – Priorat Qualified Denomination of Origin Regulatory Board

DOQ Priorat is a regulatory board that controls the origin, quality and market of wine produced in 9 of the 23 municipalities that administratively form the Priorat region. It has an area of ​​17,629 hectares of which 1887 are planted with vines and cultivated by more than 600 winegrowers.



Lavola is a company based in Barcelona that offers a range of 360º services for sustainability with which it responds to the needs of companies and institutions over three business areas:

  • Consultancy specialised in the areas of climate change, life cycle analysis, energy efficiency and renewable energies, sustainable urban development, waste management and social responsibility.
  • Communication services specialising in sustainable development, environment and social responsibility.
  • Education for sustainable development, through education and facilities management programmes.


PTV – Spanish Wine Technological Platform Association

PTV is an association that looks to innovation to drive competition within the wine industry. Its main objective is to establish a common R+D+I strategy for the entire Spanish wine sector. To do this, it structures the different agents and identifies the main technological needs and challenges facing the sector.


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